This is the promotion short movie about introducing collecting useful organic garbage for making compost in our school. This action was indicated by the Eco-parliament of Szignum School in Makó, Hungary. Now you can watch it now with English subtitles!

    We suggest to use it as a good practise in your schools.

    If you have your own actions or campaigns with similar aims, please share them with us!


    Establishing process of Eco-parliament in Szignum School:

    We created a promotional video with the involved teachers.


    21-22.01.2021. Students suggested their mates to be part of the parliament

    25-29.01.2021. Students that were suggested by their mates lead a one week long campaign for votes:

    01.02.2021. Voting was possible for all students:


    03.02.2021. First meeting of the Eco-parliament in Szignum: