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    Known for her magnificent voice, tremendous acting skill, Maria Callas graced the stage of the world's top opera houses, revolutionizing the standards by which opera stars are measured.

    The intensity, discipline, love, devotion, pain, glamour, solitude, musicality, passion, and beauty are all those feelings that made her someone unique and that followed her and embraced the entire range of her personal life and work of this amazing woman!

    Knowing her through various videos, amazed by her wonderful voice , we discovered an operatic personality that changed the course of opera in the music history of the 20th century with remarkable interpretations ! 

    Moreover, we were troubled and shocked by her adventurous life and her misfortunes, despite her great success in the field of music.                                                                      







    Through our acquaintance with Maria Callas we were inspired and created the following project (cloudword).

    Furthermore, we created a video where you can see in brief a presentation of Maria Callas' life and a cloze test based on this video. Enjoy!



    Cloze Test

    (Double Click the icon Screenshot 2016-01-07 14.11.16 -which is up and right in the picture- to show app in fullscreen)