Melina Mercouri

  •  Melina Mercouri


    When we got to know  her through her work, we were greatly impressed by her love for the Arts and  Culture and in particular Drama and Music. She also got actively involved in Politics as she wanted the  best for her country, Greece, and was interested in world issues.                                                        

        She was:

      -An actress




      -Politician (Minister of Culture)                                        


    She staged a world campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles from the British Museum to     the Acropolis Museum and tried to raise awareness about the illegal act of Lord Elgin who violently     extracted the Marbles destroying the Greek monument.                                                                      

      Her fame spread worldwide and she became known as the                                                         “Last Greek  Goddess”   

     Her contribution to Greece and Greek society is invaluable. She fought  for  Democracy and against the totalitarian regime (junta) that was in power from  1967 – 1974. She was forced to seek  political asylum in France. There, she  organized demonstrations and was one of the leaders of  the anti-  dictatatorship Greek movement.

     Her life was full of dreams, aspirations, but also tears and disillusionment.  She  never stopped fighting for her ideas and civil rights.

     She was a great actress and performer popular in Greece and abroad. She firmly believed that  Greece should rely on its rich culture to achieve  growth and prosperity. It is the Greek culture and  spirit that should be spread all over the world and can be stronger than the powerful industry of  other countries.


     Melina Merkouri is one of the most prominent figures of Greece. Melina the one and only!!

     We have created an e-book as a tribute to Melina and her life. We dedicate it to you and we hope it  will help you to get to know her…..



    There is also a timeline based on the information presented.



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