Parents' and kids' evaluation

  • Greek and italian teachers prepared together these surveys to know what parents and children think about this project. 

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    In total, 127 students answered the questionnaire.


    To our great content, the vast majority of the participating students liked the project.

    The crafts, the online meetings and the songs were the most popular parts of the project

    On the other hand, students noted that the logo contest was their least favorite activity

    A large percentage, almost 80%, seems to realize that environmental problems are global. That was one of the main aims of our project: to make students aware of the fact that enviromnental issues are the same worldwide and that by collaborating we can try to solve them!

    More than 98% said that they protect the environment more after their participation in the project!!! We couldn't be more happy!!!

    As for their future participation to an eTwinning project, we were glad to see that most of them were eager to carry out a project again. After all, they were aged 6-8, the future awaits! 



    The evaluation survey was filled in by 91 parents, Greek and Italian.

    About 83% answered that they knew what the project was about which shows that there is a close cooperation between the school and the families.

    The vast majority of parents (91%) reported that their children were satisfied with the project activities. This means that the project activities had an impact on the pupils who transferred their school experiences to their houses.

    Clearly the environmental activities were of most interest to the parents (88%) followed by the online meetings and the environmental survey (about 40% each). This can be attributed to the hands-on environmental practices that were learnt in school and applied in the daily life of the families (e.g. recycling, saving water and energy,...)

    On the other hand, the online meetings were  the activity with the least impact for the parents (25%), while some parents wrote that all the activities were great.

    Finally, the opinions of the parents about the learning outcomes of our project give us hope and strength to continue working on etwinning projects that have such a positive influence on children and their immediate environment!

  • Students and parents evaluate the project

    Theodora Tsagkari-Primary School of Pamfila,Lesvos,Greece

    Pupils completed the evaluation form.

    Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos, Greece

    The pupils evaluated the project!

    Theodora Tsagkari-Primary School of Pamfila,Lesvos,Greece

    Parents evaluated our project,as well.

    Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos, Greece

    The parents evaluated the project!

    Kyriaki Gyrelli- 9th Primary School of Mytilene, Greece

    Evaluation of the parents

    Kyriaki Gyrelli- 9th Primary School of Mytilene, Greece

    Kids' evaluation

    Melanthia Chatziralli-Primary school of Moria

    Moria students evaluate the project in school.

    Primary school of Moria / Melanthia Chatziralli

    Parents evaluate the project and send pictures.

    4th Primary school of Karpenissi, Greece- Maria Tsiamtsiouri

    We filled in the evaluation questionnaire at school the most difficult question was about what we liked least... : ( Parents were sent the link to theirs through email.

    Michela Pinna - Primary School Via Foscolo, Quartu S.E. ITALY

    Pupils evaluation at school: they all loved the project!