Our environment

  • Let's create a display of the environment around us

    Kyriaki Gyrelli- 9th Primary School of Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece

    This is our environment! Mytilene is the capital of our island, Lesvos!

    Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos, Greece

    Ippeios is a small village close to Mytilene. It is situated in a plain. There are many olive and fig trees. There are also mountains. There is a river called "Evergetoulas". Gera bay is near to Ippeios.

    Primary school of Moria / Melanthia Chatziralli

    Primary school of Moria is a village very close to the capital of Lesvos . Mitilene and for many years it was the place thet hosted thousands of immigrants . There are a lot of olive trees there and people grow their fields and produce oil. It is very green place and the sea is very close.

    Quartu S. Elena ITALY

    Our environment: sea, wetland, saltpans

    Theodora Tsagkari-Primary School of Pamfila, Lesvos, Greece

    Our village is near the sea and among olive groves. The name of our village, Pamfila, means "Friends with All". We are very hospitable and invite you to be our friends!

    Beregazzo's enviroment

    A short video about our school and the nice things you can find in Como and Milan.

    This is where we live- Karpenissi, Greece

    A video presentation of our twon made with photos taken by the students of the 4th Primary school of Karpenissi, Greece. Green, blue, white...trees , rivers and mountains!