Environmental education: survey

  • Here's the survey with all the questions that the children of our classes decided to ask to all the participants and to their relatives.

    • Survey about our Environmental Education:

    Google Form questionnaire


    In our Survey about our environmental education and our eco-friendly habits the questions were suggested by the pupils of all schools and they were written in English, Italian and Greek because both parents and children would take part in.

    Most of the people (60-80%) answered that they always or quite often recycle plastic bottles and paper items (books, magazines...)

    It is very optimistic that almost 90% have a bag for recycling in their house!

    School offers the most of the education about recycling in most cases. So , schooling is an important factor in shaping environmentally friendly personalities.

    About 60% always recycle batteries and another 20% sometimes does. (More raising of awareness needs to be done in that section).

    Most people have taken part in environmental expeditions. Volunteering is an important factor for the protection of the environment.

    Almost all save energy by turning off the lights if not always, most of the times.

    Sadly enough, more than half do not watch environmental programmes.

    It is good that most people use both sides of the paper most of the times so as not to waste it.

    It is encouraging that at least more than half take part in planting expeditions especially due to the increasing number of forest fires.

    It is good that more than 60% have reusable bags for shopping but still that percentage needs to be increased.

    Almost all reuse plastic items for other uses or upcycle them with crafts!

    We save energy with energy saving lamps, by turning off lights, using solar panels, reducing heat in the radiator and many more…Surely, people are becoming aware of the decreasing natural resources of our planet. (some of the answers:

    I switch off the lights

    I turn off the lights

    κλεινω τα φωτα

    Με λάμπες οικονομίας.

    Συσκευες Α+++++

    Δεν ανάβουμε σιχνα τα φωτα

    Accendiamo la luce solo se necessario, abbiamo i pannelli solari


    Κλινο το φως

    I use it less

    Ηλιακός θερμοσίφωνας.

    Κλείνοντας τα φώτα του σπιτιού μου όταν φεύγεις

    Spegno prese, tv dal pulsante di accensione, spengo le luci se non dono nella stanza uso lamapdine a risparmio energetico e elettrodomestici classe A+++ )

    Fortunately, most of the people give away the used oil to be made into soap.

    Most are environmentally friendly because 70-80% also recycle plastic caps and glass.

    Almost all use paper cartons for crafts.

    It is hopeful that more than half started using their car less times than before.

    Almost all (95%) have stopped littering!

    More than half try to buy less packaged foods when shopping. That shows increasing environmental awareness.

    Finally, it is reassuring that half of the people at least try not to produce rubbish without trying first to repair the broken things.


    The results of the survey are very optimistic and we hope to sensitize the children more towards adopting and integrating the environmental conscious in their daily life. The more you repeat something, the more it is engraved in one's attitude.



  • Environmental Survey

    Primary school of Pamfila, Lesvos, Greece-Theodora Tsagkari
    Primary school of Moria / Melanthia Chatziralli

    Moria students are discussing and answering the questionnaire.

    4th Primary school of Karpenissi, Greece- Maria Tsiamtsiouri

    The students from the 4th Primary School of Karpenissi filled in the questionnaire and talked about ways of being more friendly to the environment