January - (SPAIN)

  • ¡Bienvenidas y bienvenidos a el C.P. El Vallín! / Welcome to El Vallín School!


    This is the facade of our school, with the main entrance.

    Our school in videos

    For a number of years we have had a YouTube channel where we publish activities we do in the school, both in Spanish and in English. Sometimes even in Asturian, our regional language.

    Christmas Greetings (December)

    Year 6 students rehearsed and performed "12 Days of Christmas" carol back in December, as their Christmas Greetings.

    Spanish Flag

    Drawing made by a Year 6 student.

    Asturias and its flag

    Drawing made by a Year 6 student

    Castrillón Council

    Drawing made by a Year 6 Student

    Pictures and drawings

    Following this link, you can see pictures of C.P. El Vallín and drawings made by students. We hope you like them! :-)

    Where is our school?

    Year 6 students share with you some things they consider interesting about the location of C.P. El Vallín, their school.


    Year 5 students have represented this "filandón" as a way to show that in the school everyone is included.
    "Filandón" is an old traditional celebration: people used to sit together at the end of the day to tell stories and usually to do little handy jobs such as knitting.

    All Year 5 students have decided to share this activity with all of you. They've made it specially for "A month, a school". We hope you enjoy it.

    Note: Asturias is in one of the Celtic areas of Spain, that's why we still keep lots of traditions linked with Celtic culture.

    Take a tour in our school

    Year 6 students want to take you for a tour in our school and show you the outside and inside spaces. Enjoy the tour!

    Alba Mission

    We are participating in Missión ALBA . It is an educational science project for 5th and 6th grade.
    The fundamental objectives of the project are:
    • Encouraging scientific vocations among primary school among boys and girls.
    • Offering teachers resources and tools to work science by projects and in an experiential way.
    To make the scientific work of the ALBA Synchrotron known among the educational community.


    Alba Mission II
    Our school celebrations.

    Year 6 students share with you some of the celebrations that are held at our school during the academic school year.


    After reading and watching the information about C.P. El Vallín... Are you ready to take a quiz?
    Please leave your comments on the "Discussion page" here on the TwinSpace :-)

    Discover Castrillón

    Interactive map of our council. A project to get to know Asturias. The first phase has been creating the map of Castrillón, but there will be more maps soon.

    Project: "Making Friends"

    A project where our students made drawings of their “invisible friends” and a group of 50 artists recreated them. With this project we also learn how to tell stories and how to make music and sing songs.

    Peace Day on our walls
    Peace Day Messages
    Peace Day Poems