Creating a logo for the project

  • ​​​​​​We need to find a logo for our project. This is an fun-fun activity for our children. So here are some rules.


    • Present different logos to the students and analize how they've been designed, how simple or complex they are, how many colour do they have...
    • Children design their logo: individually or in groups.
    • Children should create the logo "BY HAND" and then scan it to share it with the rest of the partner schools.
    • Democratic vote: Every school chooses the logo they like the most. If there are several classrooms from the same school taking part in the project, they all will have to choose ONE logo that will represent their school. For this you can use any useful "voting app" so that each group in the school can vote for their logo.
    • The selected logo will be uploaded to the "Add your logo" page including the name of the school and country.
    • Exhibitions: All logo designs not chosen to represent one school can be put up on a wall in the school under the title "OUR eTwinning PROJECT LOGO DESIGNS" (photos of that exhibition wall can be share on the TwinSpace as part of our project).
    • Deadline: you have till Monday 9th November  to upload the logo that will represent your school.
    • A voting period will be announced for teacher in the project (the jury). They will visit the "Vote" page and vote for their for their favourite.
    • The chosen logo will represent the project and it will be used on videos, blogs, etc. related to it. Every school will be able to use it freely.
    • The winner school will get a diploma.