Speak Now - Stop Bulling

  • Hello dear friends!

    During March in Greece we are working on the occasion of the campaign against bullying.

    With my 10 and 11 years old pupils, of the the 10th Primary School of Amaroussio, we are making posters and a video for the promotion of the message



    Are you going to join us?Thank you very much, Theodora Chandrinou and the pupils of the "Creative group"🇬🇷💌


    Greece and Jordan participated with success in this activity and through the results presentation, all the project partners joined!

  • Do you believe that emotional education is important in order to avoid bullying among pupils?
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  • Write some creative activities that educate pupils against bullying

    Fine Arts co-operative activities

    We can work in groups, in the classroom in order to create an Art work. The pupils cultivate communication skills and manage their emotions. Also, they increase their collaborative spirit and the friendly attitude among the groups. This year i teach my pupils how to make wall paintings on large scale, on the doors and the walls of our School. Really they all enjoy it!
    Theodora Chandrinou - Art Teacher in the 10th Primary School of Amaroussio, Greece 🌞

    nada alobaidi/alquds school/Jordan

    Bullying is not a good phenomenon that must be combated in several ways, the most important of which is health, psychological and emotional education

    Lemia Sert-Necmi Asfuroğlu AL-Hatay/Turkey

    When adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop bullying behavior over time.

    Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy.