March /April Topic Life on land

  • Hello from the 10th Primary School of Amaroussio,Greece. Lets make our School Green!!
    We make our School Art garden and invite you to share your creatipns!!

    This is the page for the new activity for the environmental awareness, that aims to motivate, and inspire the pupils.

    Theodora Chandrinou and the pupils of the "Creative group"🌹🌿💕


    We celebrated the Earth Day and exchanged material!

    * 22 of April - Earth Day celebrations 🌎


    Hello from  Necmi Asfuroğlu Anatolia High School, Turkey. Lets make our School Green too. And we make in our school garten tree and flowers.

    We celebrated the Earth Day.(Lemia Sert)

  • Our art gartens

    Lemia Sert-Necmi Asfuroğlu AL-Hatay/Turkey

    Crop Trees always and anywhere. -Can Duran--

    Lemia Sert-Necmi Asfuroğlu AL-Hatay/Turkey

    No waste, No plastic . -- Burcu Yurt--