online - mobility to Portugal day 4

  • We start with a questionnaire about climate change

    The winner is LATVIA!!! Congrats :)

    Sharing Memories handwritten by students who partecipated to the mobilities...

    Students wrote in our common Answergarden how this CHANCE project was for them

    Sending and hosting family shared their thoughts about the mobility experience

    We visited Portugal through videos ... as we couldn't unfortunately be there!

    Closing greetings from Ms Sonia Prandini, Headmistress - IC Roncadelle, Italy - Coordinating country

    Closing greetings from Ms Ana Cunha, Erasmus Nationa Agency - Portugal (hosting country)

    Closing greetings from Ms Paola Lavinio, Erasmus Chance Coordinator - IC Roncadelle, Italy

    Sharing our last outcome: the collaborative video about protecting the environment.

    Evaluation and closing greetings from Mr Manuel Luis - Erasmus coordinator for the hosting country - Portugal

    Farewell moments