online - mobility to Greece day 4

  • On our last day of online mobility to Greece (15/04/2021) we verified what we had learnt and had fun playing Kahoot about all the topics (renewable energy - 3Rs - geography in all countries)



    The last final big game was our ESCAPE ROOM

    Students had to solve puzzle games in order to continue to the next room   until the final one with the exit key code (find more in materials)

    The winner was:

    Dimitris from Greece (correct key sent at 12:07)

    second: Ermis from Greece (correct key sent at 12:11)

    third: Agata from Poland (correct key sent at 12:22)


    We shared a common padlet and we wrote our wishes and promises for a better Planet!

    Padlet - Make a wish for the future of our Earth


    We watched together the original version of the video during the virtual mobility to Greece.

    Students and teachers uploaded the videos in a shared drive.

    We made the final version of the video using movie maker.

    We had a lot of fun!


    Final greetings with students and a evaluation meeting among teachers followed.