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  • Official start of TRACES


    1 December 2020

    Today is the official start of our Erasmus+ project "Traces - Learning from past racism for a tolerant present and future". This photo shows the international coordinators at their online meeting last week to get to know each other and plan their activities. We will keep you informed here.

    by: Sandra Hansen, Kaufmannsschule II, Hagen, Germany

    What is TRACES about?

    The main objective is to create a European identity among the participating schools which is derived from European values as laid out in the Lisbon Treaty and the EU Charter of fundamental rights. This means that school communities continue to identify ways of living together in a tolerant learning environment.

    Objective 1: Increase knowledge about history (especially 1933-1945) and draw conclusions for the present and the future by creating different types of material (e.g. blueprint of a European history book, pins with slogans, posters and paintings, films) [rational dimension] (Key competences, EU citizenship, awareness, democracy)

    Objective 2: Raise awareness of segregation by working in an international group and reflecting using worksheets and in making films and/or presentations about activities together [rational and emotional dimension] (Key competences, EU citizenship, awareness, democracy, international relations)

    Objective 3: Enhance communication skills (non-violent communication) by workshops and writing guidelines [skills and competences] (Key competences, International relations)

    Objective 4: Experience new ways of learning by taking part in visits to places of remembrance, creating different kinds of products [competences and attitudes] (awareness, democracy, key competences)

    5 December 2020

    by: Sandra Hansen, Kaufmannsschule II, Hagen, Germany


    Newsletter No. 1

    Today our first newsletter was sent to people interested in the project. If you would like to receive a copy, send an email to hansen(at)


    16 December 2020

    by: Sandra Hansen, Kaufmannsschule II, Hagen, Germany

    Video conference 21 Jan 2021

    Colleagues met up to discuss the next steps of the project. Meeting in real life is still impossible so the teachers agreed to work on the material for the first topic and discussed a worksheet for analysing schoolbooks. They planned a joint workshop in March and aim at publishing the next newsletter in February.

    22 January 2021

    by: Sandra Hansen, Kaufmannsschule II, Hagen, Germany

    During our summer break we published Newsletter No. 2


    We hope that everyone will come back safe and sound so that we can start our project the way it is meant to be.

    by Sandra Hansen, 7 July 2021

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