YBC - Nacka - Sweden

  • YBC


    YBC, or young business creatives, is a high school located in Nacka just outside of Stockholm, Sweden. The school itself is located in a building called “kunskapsgallerian” which houses three different schools, in the building there are roughly 2000 students of which 600 are Young business creatives. 


    The school aims at bein​​​​​​​g one of the most innovative schools in the world. Media, entrepreneurship and creativity would define this school, we have an on-site studio, all the students get their own personal laptops when they start and most students start a company during their three years at the school. 


    The school’s vision is we are going to change the world. By participating in e-twinning projects such as “Connecting schools, Connecting lives”, we hope that the world will open up to our students and that they get valuable connections throughout Europe. 

    This is the first year we are participating in an e-twinning project and we are excited to do so. However, our school has many international school partnerships, e.g. with schools in Uganda, India and South Korea thus we have an international profile and starting from this year, our international profile also includes Europe.