IES La Marxadella (Torrent, Spain)



    La Marxadella  High School is located in Torrent, a big town with around 82.000 inhabitants which is 12 km away from Valencia, in the East of Spain. Both places are well communicated. Reaching the city only takes a 15 minute trip by car or train.
     There are 1642 students  and the staff is formed by 161 teachers. We offer Compulsory Secondary Studies, A Levels (Bachillerato on Science, Humanities and Social Science) and three branches of Vocational Training (Cars Maintenance and Repair, Sound and Image Technician and Electrician ).

     Our students come from three primary schools in Torrent. However, most teenagers studying vocational courses live in villages near Torrent. 

     The relationship with Primary Schools, other High Schools in town, Universities, Health Care Services and Town Hall are excellent. We also train students from University  who are doing a master to become teachers.

     We have carried out a Transition Programme from primary to secondary education to facilitate inclusion to  new students who come from primary education. Coordination meetings are held to obtain relevant information and decide which measures that cater for diversity and inclusion should be adopted in each case: curricular design based on science and humanity fields for our youngest learners, specific supportive educational  programmes, or inclusive programmes addressed to motoric impaired  students.  
     We are part of the European Language Portfolio and we have played a pioneering role implementing a multilingual project for ten years, endorsed by our educational authorities,  aimed at offering our students higher communicative skills and improving their self-consciousness on learning other languages using CLIL methodology. 
    We are all committed with the internationalisation of our school. Some teachers are highly qualified in ICT, multilingualism and foreign languages.

     School management team, coordinator teachers and a significant part of the staff are interested in carrying out an innovative programme for our school improvement. We hope this project will be an enriching experience that will make these changes possible.

    eTwinning quality national and European labels have been achieved by several teachers who are now involved in this project. Our aim is getting the eTwinning school label for this year . Moreover, teachers and learners from Vocational Studies on Cars Maintenance and Repair have participated in several KA103 and KA102 throughout Europe, in Colonia (Germany) and Como (Italy). Nowadays, they are sharing good practices _KA229 project with Italy and Croatia.