Pere Casaldàliga

  • This is our collaborative work among the 3 groups of grade 5 and 6 we have at school:

    - CS1: they were locked down for a whole week and the took profit of that to create a collaborative presentation about the Catalan bishop PERE CASALDÀLIGA who dedicated all his life as a missionair in Sao Félix de Araguai, Brazil.

    - Then, students of CS1 presented their ppt work to their parnters of CS2 and CS3

    - Teachers read two books about Pere Casaldàliga's life and experiences in Brazil. This extra information was written in the same ppt presentation by sutdents of CS2 and CS3 groups.

    - Finally, we had an amazing visit online at school: Laura Casaldàliga, Pere Casaldàliga's nephew, who told us more interesting facts about him and we could ask her some of our wonders about her uncle.


    Laura Casaldàliga's online visit


    Last Thursday 19th november we had a very special online visit at school: laura Casaldàliga. She is Pere Casaldàliga's nephew. 

    We presented her our little project about her uncle, what we have been learning about him and then we asked her some more questions to complete our information. Finally she told us some interesting facts about Pere Casaldàliga.

    Did you know that he lived 52 years in Brazil without coming back to Catalonia anymore? He risked his life to save and defend the poor people from Sao Félix de Araguaya? he always had his door opened to welcome anyone who came to visit him? he loved kids? he liked cinema very much? he always travelled by bus or train?

    and last but not least, Pere Casaldàliga's main values were: PEACE, JUSTICE, FREEDOM AND HOPE!



    A survey for the students

    And here are the results: