The wall of wisdom

  • The of Winsdom from Italian students

    There are many celebrities who defended PEACE in the world along the history.

    Some of them even risked their lives to save the poor or the weaker ones

    Others wrote stories, and spread their message around the world with some beautiful words.

    We invite you to find out QUOTES written by celebrities and all together we will build the WALL OF WISDOM

    1.First, upload a quote on this Linoit  ( from 3 to 5 each country )

    2. Then, use the quotes you find on this virtual wall  to build up a pysical wall at your school full of the quotes writeen by all partner countries. our collaboration and team work will allow us to build a large and creative WALL OF WISDOM.

    You will find the brik template in materials: Wall of Wisdom Template folder. You must print the wall in A3 paper. 

    Some ideas to build the wall of wisdom at school: made with decorated paper bricks, with graphitties, posters, ... let your imagination fly and create your beautiful WALL OF WISDOM !

    3. Suggestions. we can also create our personal" quotes" or poems or messages to this Wall of wisdom

    4. Finally, upload photos of your wall of wisdom 


    The Walls of Wisdom

    in Oulu, Finland

    In the beginning of the project we focused on discussing about the concept "peace". Students used the application Mentimeter in order to give meanings to word "peace". We remarked how large that word is! It really has many meanings!

    Students on 3rd, 5th and sixth grades created different kinds of Walls of Wisdoms. 



    The Wall of Wisdom in Italy

    The Wall of Wisdom was under construction at school, but the pandemic suddenly forced us home and we are rebuilding it using digital tools during distance learning.

    The Italian digital wall of wisdom


    Wall of wisdom in France

    The wall is under construction before our two weeks of autumn holidays.







    "Wisdom begins in wonder" Socrates 


    Atzalynas progymnasium in Telsiai, Lithuania



    Romanian Wall of Wisdom



    Creat cu Padlet