• Wednesday, 23rd of march, 3rd day of mobility and we woke up full of energy and eager to discover what Brussels has to offer.

    After a healthy breakfast, including waffles, we went to the school that welcomed us so well, Centre Scolaire Notre Dame de la Sagesse. The Portuguese team introduced the morning of work presenting the proposal of the mobility program to Portugal, that will surely also be unforgettable. This was followed by the Turkish team who made known some important details that must be taken into consideration  to  the mobility to Turkey. While the teachers discussed the work to be developed for the next mobility, the students dedicated their morning to making a household cleaning product and crafting with ropes. From their feedback, it was a very productive and interesting morning.




    Before lunch we still had time to visit the “Basilique du Sacre Coeur”. Located in the outskirts of Koekelberg, the basilica is a gem of 20th-century architecture. In the distance we can see, the huge green dome, located 90m high that catches our attention. The basilica's terrace offers 180º views over the city of Brussels.

    After an intense morning, we went to have lunch at the “Be Here Market”. This space brings together companies around sustainable food and aims to promote the circular economy.

    After lunch we were introduced to the “Swapbox”,that is a reusable packaging service providing packaging supply, cleaning, logistics, and tracking technology;

    we also visited an organic biscuit factory

    and met a company that showed us the various offers they have for consumers in terms of traditional and electric bicycles.

    In the end we still had the opportunity to do some shopping at the Bio Market where we can buy products without the use of packaging.

    Goreti Rocha & Ana Figueira