• We met at the hotel at 7:45 in the morning and reached the school first by metro and then by bus.
    After the welcome speeches of the school principal and the host teachers, after the cookies,chocolates,drinks…prepared by the host country, we toured the school in 3 groups. The students predetermined by the teachers gave us information about various parts of the school.

    After getting information about all departments of the school, we listened to the presentations prepared by all partner countries in the presentation hall.
    The Belgians prepared a presentation on ecological buildings,
    Turks presented an informative video about 
    agricultural activities in their region.
    Portuguese students and teachers gave information about the wine cork produced in their country.
    French students made a presentation on ecological buildings.
    Latvian students made a presentation about the fertility of the soil.
    Czech students and informative video about 
    agricultural activities in their region.
    Later, a Belgian Art history teacher gave an informative presentation about green architecture.
    After all countries presented the gifts they prepared for each other, we had lunch together in the school cafeteria.

    After lunch, we took a tour of Brussels with the students. Students in charge gave information about the different architectural structures of the city.
    Afterwards, the students returned to the school and met with the host students.
    The teachers also evaluated the day by sitting in a cafe together.