• On Tuesday March 22 we woke up into nice weather. At 9 we all met behind amazing basilica and set of for the day. We left Brussels on time and strolled Belgian highways for about 50 minutes, astonished by Belgian landscape full of daffodils in bloom.

    Our first stop was at Agro-Bio Tech University at Gembloux where we learnt about Ecotron; the experiments the research center has been working on. The researchers have been varying the environment to see how a certain kind of crop is growing. They are trying to find out how to feed the ever growing human population in future with the influence of global warming. Overall, the researchers allow themselves to be a bit optimistic about global warming and feeding humankind if we start slowing down the global warming now!

    Then we continued with a lecture on ICOS (Integrated Carbon Observation System) which is a system measuring concentration of carbon in different European countries.

    The bus drove us to an awesome university town/ campus Louvain-la-Neuve where we were free to explore the pulsing town and enjoy some of local restaurants for lunch.

    On our way back, we visited a local brewery Brasserie du Renard in Grez-Doiceau. The visit there took us about 45 minutes and we were able to see the steps of beer making. Moreover, the students could taste malt and teachers beer as well.

    To finish off the day, we spent about 2 hours in a traffic jam which gave all of us a little time to socialize and get to know each other.