2. What are -isms?

  • The students do online reasearch to learn about different -isms. Using the information they have found, working in national teams, they create Quizzes for the other two teams to check what they have learned. 


    CROSSWORDS ( created by the French team- we prepared it all together - see the photo in the Twinboard)


    Or use the following QR code

    CROSWORDS created by SERBIAN students

    Say NO to all -isms by Darko Nikolic 

    @Darko : Thank you for the game. Please go and see the photo in the twinboard. The French team.


    Say NO to all -isms by Natalija Stojanovic

    @Natalija : Thanks for your game. We found all the words EXCEPT 7-across . We found a word but it is a 14-letter one... The French team

    Say NO to all isms by Dragana Kocic


    The Spanish team have worked in collaborative groups and have created the following quizzes. Click on the links below in order to play:

    Quizziz: (Diego Muruzabal, Stefania Merino)


    Crossword: (Nayra, Fermin, Gemma)



    Google Form: (Iker C, María Joaquina, Adrián, Iratxe)



    Word Search Puzzle (Lorena, Leire, Eneko, Gari)

    Word search _say not to all isms_.docx

    Kahoot: (Alba, Marcos, Hugo, Gemma)






  • Photos

    Crosswords being prepared by French students

    Here are screenshots of mails sent by students to the teacher

    We made it!

    The French crossword being solved by a Serbian student, Dragana Kocic.

    Nov 6th 2020

    The French team is trying to solve the crosswords made by the Serbian team (Darko Nikolic). It’s difficult but we will try to finish it at home.

    Homework Quiz Time

    Done by Tara

    Homework Quiz Time

    Done by Tatjana

    Homework Quiz Time

    Done by Anastasija

    Homework Quiz Time

    Another one by Anastasija