Work process - schedule

  • Work process - schedule
    September 2020


    1) Informing about a new project in our schools.

    2) Partners presentation.

    3) Marking locations with Google Maps.

    4) Initial survey for students and teachers to find out if they have some experience with programming sensors from robotic kits (BBC micro:bit, Lego Wedo, Edison robot …)



    October 2020


    Participating in CodeWeek 2020 (various workshops: introduction to BBC micro:bit or other robotic kits).



    November 2020


    STEM Day, World Science Day for Peace and Development, exchanging ideas, each school will present their BBC micro:bit (or other robotic kits) activities to other partners.



    December 2020


    Hour of Code. New year cards created with BBC micro:bit (or other robotic kit)



    January-February 2021


    Research about new Technologies (IoT, A.I, M.L). Safer Internet Day events.



    March-April 2021


    Collaborative activities, solving real-life problems with technology.



    May 2021


    Completion of collaborative activities.

    Dissemination and evaluation.



    June 2021


    Creating a collaborative final project presentation.