Who is RUTH

  • Why is this project called ”Run the RUTH”?

    Doing obstacle races is a common sport among adults, and extreme obstacle races have has become more and more common within the last couple of years. Obstacle races is also something that is done as military training (at least in Denmark).

    The name Ruth comes from the Danish women Ruth K. Larsen. Ruth is a Danish military woman who participated in a military obstacle run and thought it would be fun to arrange an annual unique obstacle run for kids in her local area. For the last five years Ruth has arranged an annual run with her husband. The local schools and kindergardens are invited and all enjoys a active day of fun running through the obstacle cource.

    Ruth has become a local celebrity for her annual inspiring races, and there are yearly several articles in the newspapers about the races which she calls “Børnehørm”. The race has also been in the regional television.


    Ruth has kindly agreed to lend this project her pictures, and she is very happy to hear that there will be arranged obstacle races for kids around Europe in her name 😊.

    Ruth is following this project, and will see what obstacles you and your students/kids are making – and perhaps some of them can inspire her to new obstacles to her annual race.


    What is the purpose of the yearly "Børnehørm"?: 

    The following answer is taken from an newspaper interview with Ruth.

    "The day with "Børnehørm" has several purposes. The children are pushed beyond their normal limits, and when they find that they can handle the many challenging tasks well, it gives them great confidence. at the same time, they also learn to cooperate, as everyone on the teammust complete the race together, so that the children help each other through alle 18 obstacles, says Ruth K. Larsen."