Italy: ITES "De Viti De Marco"

  • Italian Students and teachers from

    de Viti de Marco in Triggiano



    during their distance learning at the time of the Covid-19   



    Here we are, during our distance school, deciding with the students how to organize our SWOT analysis. After some lessons, the class proposal waere the following:

    First of all, let's consider a local company, where students have already carried out their training paths, basically a school stakeholder.

    Then, let's focus on some   companies well-known on a national level, and well recognised in the world.

    Eventually, browsing in some multinaltional company websites, let's have a look at some possible SWOT analysis about international companies.

    Let's start!!

  • Preparing the logo for YEE menswear

    Federica at work

    She 's drawing the company emblem on the t-shirt

    Here is the logo result!