“Facing Diversity: Inclusive education strategies for students with fewer opportunities”



    From June 1st to June 6th 2021, a group of teachers of Camarate Secondary School attended the training course "Facing Diversity: Inclusive education strategies for students with fewer opportunities”  in Rhodes, Greece.

    Training modules: Intercultural issues, Inclusive Education, The Value of Inclusive Education, Inclusive educational practices, Strategies to improve inclusive education, Strategies to involve in school activities students in risk of exclusion, Social inclusion, Human rights


    01.06.2021 Course opening event: Ask me- let’s get to know each other; Carusel method: Contributions, Fears, Expectations, Ground rules; Mission impossible: cultural challenges. Intercultural issues. Connection between culture and inclusion What is culture; Connection between culture and inclusion.

    02.06.2021 Discovering culture: cultural shock Pot of identity- Stereotypes and prejudices in the classroom; Intercultural iceberg. Working in an international project – how to communicate and connect. The basic elements of inclusive education. Communication and inclusive education. Principles of inclusive education. Aims and objectives of inclusive education. Barriers in inclusive education. Inclusive proven classroom strategies. A case studies of inclusive practices in schools and classes. Exchange practices and experiences on various aspects and perceptions of marginalization and inclusion.

    03.06.2021 The Value of Inclusive Education EU: Improving Competences for the 21st Century- Key competences for lifelong learners in multicultural societies. Teachers values for inclusive school environment; The support of inclusive education; Social theatre and improvisation as educational tools; study visit.

    04.06.2021 The characteristics of intercultural The value of failure: world coffee method Approaches to conflict. Basics: Understanding the problem. Conflict handling styles. Peer mediation: students serving as peer mediators in school environment. Exercise Skills Mediators Needs. Conflict in the classroom – forum theatre Mediation and negotiation: differences in the approaches. Mediation experiences, Role play: mediation.

    05.06.2021 Strategies to improve inclusive education. Non formal and formal education and social inclusion. Non formal education tools aimed at social inclusion. Variety of instructional formats and various methods to support learners’ needs.

    06.06.2021 Organizations - Motivation: The link between creativity and intercultural learning; How can we improve our teaching style: - personal development plan. Motivation tools for students: ARCS model Social inclusion in schools. Planning, support and commitment. Coaching models. Workshops for personal and social development.