Project plan

  • About project

    This project is created for students and teachers to use the English language for communication and understanding . We want to develop and strenghten students’ speaking skills with the help of online communication during video meetings. Students will discuss topics and themes chosen by them and that are interesting to teenagers. In this project we will use web 2 tools, posters, logos, interactive games, collages, drawings, narration and writing.
    The Project is for 12-17 aged students.


    To break the language barrier
    To develop students' skillls of spontaneous speaking
    To improve the creativity of both students and teachers.
    To improve the ability of teachers and students to use web2 tools
    To encourage students and teachers to use English in practice.

    Work process


    Creating logos of the project
    Introduction of themselves

    European Day of Languages


    Choosing topics for discussion using Mentimeter, according to the results,the selected topics will be discussed by students during video meetings.
    Participating in online meeting (Teachers and students)
    Presenting each other’s country in English
    Participating in online meeting . Students meeting.
    Playing Kahoot game

    Presentation of selected topic. Topic I - Music
    Playing Quizizz game

    Greeting cards exchange


    Work in 6 Teams and create a common ebook about Music.


    Safer Internet Day 2021


    Working on Topic II - Today's Fashion

    Creating a common online magazine, using Joomag.

    Online meetings



    Evaluation of project

    Creating project Website and Blog

    Expecting results

    1) Improving speaking skills
    2) Increasing interest to studying English
    3) Developing of students’ IT skills
    4) Creating an online magazine, ebook and website/blog