'Caring is sharing...' - Some students of the class 4DTP would like to share with us their experience related to this period of social isolation.

  • 'Caring is sharing...' - The experience of some of the students of the class 4DTP -

    'Caring is Sharing'

    'Caring is Sharing' is the name we have chosen for this page where some of the students of the class 4DTP would like to tell us about the activities they have been doing in this period of social isolation due to the virus COVID19. We hope you will enjoy reading about their experiences, feeling and emotions :-)


    During this quarantine, I didn't do a lot of things but I spent a lot of my time in my garden. I used my free time to devote myself to gardening, I have a large garden so there was a lot to do. I made a small vegetable garden where I planted basil, rosemary, celery and some chilli plants, but in particular, I dedicated myself to flowers of all kinds. I really like flowers and my family likes them too, they make the garden more colourful and also beautiful especially in spring and summer. I think gardening helps to relax and if someone has a garden they could test their skills and see if they have a green thumb, dedicating ourselves to what we like to do helps us free our mind and keeps us busy in this period where there is not much to do.

    Andrea Cuzzi: My quarantine.

    During the quarantine I spent my time trying to improve my physical condition. I started exercising in my house and at the same time I started eating healthy food. I also have a big garden where I ran during the quarantine. I kept contacts with my friends and my girlfriend by chatting and video calls. The first month was quite difficult for me because I did't know how to approach that situation. Then I got used to being at home and at that moment I started improving my physical condition. I also read some books that I planned to read a long time ago but I never had enough time to read. Immidiatly after the end of the lookdown I visit my girlfriend and then my friends. I also started cycling long distances because I was fed up of being at home and I made more than four hundred kilometers.

    Camilla Scaburri - A NEW EXPERIENCE

    I have never expected that I would have lived an experience like this: the quarantine has produced its positive and negative aspects. At first I thought that moving away from the society could be a detachment from the world, to take my time and move away from the intense study of the school. Then the following days have begun heavy, the study has begun more intense and I have wanted to go out with my friends. But during this detachment I have concentrated on the study, trying to improve my learning method, then I have discovered again the pleasure of reading that I was beginning to forget, finally I have also spent more time with my parents! In these last days I have also seen my boyfriend and I think that I will also see my friends, it may seem as a stupid behaviour, but society should return to normality.

    bianco siria-MY QUARANTINE ROUTINE

    During this long period of quarantine, I spent time doing things I couldn't do before because of lack of free time.
    As soon as I woke up, I made pancakes with peanut butter, while my dog tried to stole me a bit of them.
    I have tried to improve my diet, preparing healthy and balanced meals.
    Having so much time available, I decided to do gymnastics at home, so every afternoon I did exercises to keep fit!
    For two weeks, also my mom was at home, so we spent most afternoons making desserts, pizzas and other delights! it was very nice to spend time with my mom.
    Every evening I had a group video call with my friends and my boyfriend. The worst thing about quarantine was not being able to stay with my loved ones, I missed them a lot!
    Fortunately this situation is slowly improving!

    Niccolò Barella

    During this quarantine I tried to deepen my knowledge about topics and activities that during this quarantine I tried to deepen my knowledge about topics and activities that interested me, for example I tried to learn new recipes because I really like cooking. One of my favorite recipes is tiramisù, infact i cooked it a lot. To maintain my fitness I am trained 5 times a week, in this way I prepared myself for the beginning of athletic training. later I followed my hobby, infact I cultivated my garden with tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini. During the quarantine I also had fun to listening to the interviews of my favorite singers to understand their history and in this way i understand better the lyrics of their songs. At the end of the quarantine I have to say that I wasn't bored because I always tried to find something fun to do.

    Riccardo Gallantina- MY QUARANTINE

    During this period i did some activities every day from sport to study.
    Every day when i got up, usually at 7.00 a.m, i used to check and analyze the financial markets up to 7.30 a.m, then i always did sport up to 8.00 a.m. and then i did shower and i had breakfast.
    During the morning i had to follow the lesson on classrom usually from 9.00 a.m. to midday.
    Before to have lunch i always cheked the markets and the principal economic websites for the news from BCE and FED, because i could see how markets were moving.
    The first afternoon of the lockdown i decided to look for some course so i bought a online course about Private Equity and Venture Capital offered by Bocconi University and i got my certification.
    I used to do this course during the afternoon or during the weekend.

    MY QUARANTINE Jacopo Nerozzi

    During this difficult period for Italy, in which everyone had to stay at home, to combat boredom every person found some activities that perhaps he had never done before. My routine was: firs of all I woke up at 8 I had breakfast and brushed my teeth, I started classes at 8.15 am, around 12.15 pm I finished the lessons and I went for lunch, during the afternoon, in reality, I did not carry out pre-established activities, apart from workout that I did it every day, so every day I must invented something new, first I worked in my room to rearrange it, other days I helped my mother to cook pizzas and focaccias, other days maybe even I was watching a movie or reading a book.

    Caronni Andrea - "Quarantine life"

    Coronavirus represented an ugly virus which has affected the last three months of our life. This pandemic forced us to stay inside our homes all the time.
    One of the few good things that this virus has brought is represented by the time spent with my family.
    We had the opportunity to do many things together.
    One month ago we planted a new type of plant in our garden and it is growing very fast!
    In this period my grandmother often cooks cakes, and i help her, but I am not as good as her for sure.
    During this quarantine i spent a lot of time with my canaries, because they are atching and they require a lot of care. I have also played with my dogs.
    I hope that we can return to a normal life, before we need to win this challenge against coronavirus.

    Lorenzo Mazzanti - TIME IN QUARANTINE

    During this quarantine, most of the time I haven’t done anything productive, but anyway I’ve done something.
    At the beginning of this quarantine I replanted a shrub in my garden and I’ve done some little jobs for the house with my dad.
    First of all, I made the vegetable, after a long discussion with my family to establish where to place it. Given that it was the first time we made it in our garden I had to dig to remove some stones. I spent more than a day making this.
    After that I’ve incorporated a lot of good topsoil, because mine was really terrible. I turned again the soil three time to make a good incorporation.
    Later, I also made the enclosure and a small gate to take away our dog. After that I planted some plants.
    Now we are very happy and satisfied to eat our garden’ fruits.

    Paola Lello - MY QUARANTINE -

    I can’t say bad things about my quarantine, I’ve passed it pretty well.
    Indeed in this period I have dedicated my time to my passions, i did a lot of gardening, taking care of my garden and my flowers with my 3 years old cousin Leila: we did some experiments with seeds, watching them grow and flourish, showing her the beauty of life and nature.
    In March started the period of nesting of my canaries and finches, this took me a lot of time because this is the most important period of the year because they need attention and care. This quarantine brought me to meet new people with my same passion like my classmate Andrea that helped me for some bird troubles.

    Gabriele Canavesio - MY QUARANTINE -

    This year has been characterized by COVID-19 which has imposed all people to stay at home and this prevented students to go to school, which has been substituted by online lessons. Whereas online lessons has reduced the hour of school, in the two month early we must have found something to do, so we could have made our days less boring. I spent quarantine alone in my house in the mountain and here I did some activities that made more beautiful my days. I think the most interesting activity I did, was a small trip in the mountains where I met some strange animals, which are called rock goats. This moment was special because in the quarantine there weren't any tourists that often scare them.