Task 1: "The day when the Internet broke down"

  • Story - The day when the Internet broke down

    Part 1 (PL)

    Jane, Adelle, Kristof and Mark were a small group of friends. They decided to go out and see each other in the park, as they usually did. After a short talk, they all pulled out their phones and started taking pictures and texting other friends.
    Suddenly, the Internet broke down. Everybody was worried and wanted to know what happened. They didn’t know what was going on and they were very shocked. Jane asked: "What are we going to do now?" The friends started arguing about the ideas what to do in such a difficult time. After a short argument, they decided to go to the zoo. When they reached the destination, they met their friend Vladimir who had the same problem. The group started the tour around the aquarium. After leaving it, Jane and Adelle suggested go to see monkeys or elephants.

    Part 2 (PL)

    Then, because of sadness and fatigue caused by being cut off from the world, Adelle started crying. Everyone comforted her and they decided to buy an ice cream to make her happy. They came to the ice cream shop, but the problem was they didn’t have an internet and they couldn’t pay, because they didn’t take money. Everybody was confused. They decided to go to ATM. It turned out that the ATM was closed and they started arguing because they didn't know what to do.

    Part 3 (PL)

    Then Mark came up with the idea to go to his house on the plot and to play some games, but it was a bit far away and they did not know what time the tram was to come. They decided to go on foot. They walked for 10 minutes but suddenly a bus arrived. Unfortunately, they didn’t have money but the bus driver said that they could get in if it’s not far. Five minutes later they were on the place and went to the plot to play games.
    It turned out that Mark's computer also didn't have access to the network. Everyone was very sad and nervous. They asked each other what they should do, after all, the Internet was necessary for normal functioning. The group of friends left Mark's home. Nothing was interesting without the net.

    Part 4 (PL)

    A few minutes later Mark came across a great idea. He took the game cards from his chest of drawers and went outside. He wanted his best friend, James to play with him. Unfortunately, James wasn’t at home. His neighbour told him that James’s family had left their house an hour ago. Mark went back home really sad. He was considering for a long time what he could do. If there was the Internet, he would probably play games or watch Youtube.

    Part 5 (PL)

    Finally, he came up with the idea that he would go for a walk with the dog. He dressed the dog with a leash and decided to go to the nearby forest. When they arrived at the forest, the dog escaped. He called his friends to help him find his pet. All of them were ready to help, especially that they had nothing else to do. When they appeared in the forest, they split up into two groups and started looking for a dog. While walking across the forest, Jane and Mark came across quite a big hill. It was very strange.

    Part 6 (PT1)

    Since there was no way around it, Jane and Mark had to climb the hill.
    After a long climb, they saw a lake on the other side of the hill. Mark's dog was there drinking water. They ran up to him and Mark held him tightly. He was very happy that his buddy was safe and sound. With the mission complete, Jane and Mark went back to reunite with the rest of the group.

    Part 7 (PT2)

    When they were on the way back to reunite with their friends, they started to talk and reflect on the current problem on the internet. The talk was going well and they started arguing about the good and the bad part of the problem. On the one hand it promoted interaction among people but on the other hand there was less communication because if they don’t have internet they can’t communicate with someone that is far away, for example when Adelle had her hair cut her friends just noticed now when they were all with her. In the middle of the conversation, Jane thought that they were lost and told Mark they were worried because if they were lost without the internet they wouldn’t find the way back home.

    Part 8 (PT3)

    But in the end, he calmed her by saying that he was going for a shortcut. Finally, already in the city, they found their friends. As it was already late, the group of friends decided to return each one to their home, they still hadn't internet. The next day, when they woke up, they noticed that the problem was still there and decided to find ways to try to find an answer to what was going on. After lunch, the group of friends decided to visit one of the mobile operators' stores, to see if they got any answers to their questions.One of the employees replied to the group of friends that all mobile operators had been victims of a computer attack and they didn't know when the situation would return to normal.

    Part 9 (PT4)

    Since it was part of a computer attack, there was nothing they could do, so they went to Jane's house, hoping to find something that could entertain them.
    While looking for something in the basement, Kristof found a board game. None of them had ever heard of it, so they tried it, but just 15 minutes after they started, everyone was already tired of it, so they decided to go to the park for a walk.
    While they were walking, they were asking if this was happening just in their city, their country, or even in the whole world.
    They were also questioning why someone would break down the Internet, since it was the best thing ever.
    So to pass time, they tried to guess who could benefit from this.

    Part 10 (PT5)

    After a while of thinking who could benefit from all this, they found no answer, but tried to find out if the problem was only in their city. So they gathered money and decided to take a train to the nearest city. The trip lasted 2 hours. Meanwhile, they were entertained in the trip and discovered that there was an amusement park in that city, so they decided that after arriving in the city, they would go to that park and find out if the problem really was only in their city or if it would be in the whole country.

    Part 11 (PT6)

    When they arrived at the park, they realized that the problem wasn't only in their city, the problem was envolving the whole country!
    Since they had nothing to do, they decided to enjoy that free time visiting the city, playing some games and eating popcorn. However, there wasn’t almost anyone on the streets and the city look abandoned because everyone was at home spending time with their families and enjoying this disconnecting break!

    Part 12 (PT7)

    The families were all together and happy, without internet, because the children were all having fun and spending time with their families. A few moments later,the internet came back. The children were very happy! They instantly grabbed their mobile phones after listening to the words, "The internet is back"! While watching that moment, the families got a bit sad, because they had never spent quality time with their children in years, like they spent in this time. Meanwhile, the streets were full of people. Everybody went out to hang out with friends and the children went to the arcades, playing video games together all day long.