My Fascinating Town

For 4 months (September-October-November-December 2015) students from Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Poland, will be recording short video clips on a video camera. The topic of the project “My fascinating town” implies that groups of students from each country find out fascinating, historical and practical information about famous land...

Rules for the coordinators of “My Fascinating Town” project:

Rules for the coordinators of “My Fascinating Town” (September-December 2015) project:


  1. Be polite, creative and enjoy the project as much as possible.

  2. Invite the students to TwinSpace environment and make them official members (pupil administrative).

  3. Assign the order of students’ videos and coordinate that everythings goes according to the plan

  4. Help the students with the TwinSpace environment and help in case of any troubles.
  5. Organise SKYPE meetings


good luck!

Author: Deniss Tšertov
Last editor: Deniss Tšertov