Petranova, ROME, Italy


     Benvenuti!!! Welcome!!!  At Petranova International Institute (Scuole Cefa), from Nursery to Secondary School, we offer children and families a training model based on personalized education. The tutor is a fundamental element of our proposal and allows us to follow the evolution and growth of each student, intervening in a targeted manner based on the needs of each pupil.

    The other cornerstone of our educational project is international openness which finds a concrete implementation in bilingualism: some subjects are studied directly in English to ensure students a high level of knowledge of the language.

    "STEAM in English" is one of our CLIL projects and CEFA's been working on it for some years. That's why we are really motivate to take part in an international exchange of good practices about learning STEM subjects in English.
    We strongly believe that exchange projects can promote the development of social, civic and intercultural skills in pupils. So, we are really proud to collaborate with Arangoya e Parentes students and teachers!


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