Project Information

  • Project Overview


    The GREAT project focuses on learning, teaching and using new technologies and being adequate about using the digital competences. In order to be able to use it in a positive way, first teachers should include the usage of technology in their yearly plans and curriculum. Technology is playing a critical role in how curricula are being developed and implemented. This is reflected in a huge movement in many countries to create STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) curricula to prepare students for lifelong learning and the demands of the future through this project the children who have difficulties to learn many abstract concepts, will be familiar about the contents of new technologies thanks to coding and robotics. Children will have a better understanding and will have the ability to think in three dimensions.



    Aims of the project

    1) empower children to be problem solvers and innovative thinkers through science and technology
    2) train children as young as seven (7) years and older in robotics
    3) implement new teaching methods and materials that will encourage STEM teaching
    4) conduct progressive series of curricula developments
    5) develop course plans and teacher training courses for STEM
    6) target teachers at primary, lower secondary and upper secondary level within the area of robotics in schools’ European dimension by promoting closer relationships between teachers
    7) increase schools’ European dimension by promoting closer relationships among schools, students and teachers.

    After the project, students should be able to use:

    • block-based coding,

    • basic python programming languge 

    • mBots and bbc micro:bit