• Hello everyone
    We are excited to start a new project. This is about climate change and will be carried out in module 3.3 as part of the 67th European Competition.

    What causes climate change and how does it affect our older earth? How can we protect ourselves from its negative effects?

    Here is our topic and what is expected of us. We all wish a successful and entertaining projectprocess. Toi Toi Toi!


    Modul 3: 8. bis 10. Klasse (14 bis 16 Jahre)

    3.3 Climate in Europe

    We Europeans are united by a common desire for clean air and an unspoilt environment. However, very few are actually prepared to sacrifice habits or luxury for that. Suggest some potential solutions and commit to doing what you can to preserve our environment.

    Source: https://www.europaeischer-wettbewerb.de/nachrichten/67-europaeischer-wettbewerb-eunited-europa-verbindet/