The box of stories: once upon a time...


The project stems from the idea that the imaginary is for the child the backbone of all the fantasies and projections of its own future.Stories have something magical: the children who listen to them fly with fantasy in fairy worlds, immerse themselves in adventures with imaginary characters and daydream. Stories are also important educational tools. In the path of growth every child needs to receive a moral education, to know which behaviors are correct and which are not. In their simple structure and with the treatment of universal human problems, these kinds of stories are suitable for transmitting important teachings that allow children to understand how one moves in the world.The narrative helps the little ones to think, to identify with others and to choose between good and evil.Literature is a powerful instrument of joy, and above all it is an important educational tool for educating children in mutual respect. At the same time we will improve our English language and ICT skills

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