What to do and when

  • The Plan

    The project is about sharing and promote books and reading. The pupils will show their preferred books and explain why they like them. They will use pics and videos and will enjoy seeing their preferred book cover in another language.


    Hi everyone. I think it would be nice if we can work together on this plan. Please feel free to change and add some ideas of yours.  The time schedule is not the issue but it is good if we can put some deadlines in the end. We have to think about the communication and cooperation between the partners, both teachers and students. It is very important that we work together on tha plan and also to let the children work something togethers if we are trying to get QL.


    We keep it short and simple!

    Here is the way French students families gives their agreement for their kids involvment :





    First of all the kids make some presentation of their school and as well as the class/group that will take part. They can use powerpoint, pow toon, prezi, movie  or whatever they/you want. Please tell others what solution you choose because it is good to learn new things both for the students and the teachers.


    1.Every student  made author and title as a QR Code ( QR Code Generator) then other students (from other countries) can read QR Code and put their cover book on Padlet.


    2.They put the cover of books on Padlet, photo of the book cover as well as name of country / school and students:


    The teacher will introduce themselves on padlet:

    Plese fill in this form: age group



    Then we start on the books. The kids work individually, in pairs or small groups. They read books or choose a book they have already read. Everyone in the croup have to know the book.

    They have to put photo of the book cover on the padlet wall under the name of their country with the name on the school: https://padlet.com/rosaharda/rnavzahe4zjl



    They make a short movie or trailer about the book.

    • The name of the book

    • The name of the author and a little bit about him, is it translate or not ect.

    • what is good about this book

    • How many stars will you give it max 5 and why.



    It will be nice if we can have some video conference with the kids or/ and some kahoot came at the end of the program.

    (Covid-19 period of Lockdown)



    Evaluation both for teachers and students