Green Missions

In this project, the pupils form international groups and compete with one another playing games in relation to Nature. The aim is to make them more sensitive to their immediate environment as well as our planet’s problems. The games make the procedure funnier and more enjoyable. Their final goal is to win the games as well as to build models of ‘g...



All the project activities are going to be evaluated in the overall evaluation table and through a final online questionnaire.

To fill in our project evaluation table, click here or on the picture below.

Our rating scale is from 1 to 4: 
4 - We liked this activity very much. 3 - We liked this activity. 2 - This activity was so-so. 1 - We didn't like this activity.



Pupils write their ideas about a future project! What would they like to work on next year? Which topic? Which activities do they want to do again? Which activities do they want to incude in their new project that wasn't in this project?

Author: Barbara Głuszcz
Last editor: Natālija Karpenko