Green Missions

In this project, the pupils form international groups and compete with one another playing games in relation to Nature. The aim is to make them more sensitive to their immediate environment as well as our planet’s problems. The games make the procedure funnier and more enjoyable. Their final goal is to win the games as well as to build models of ‘g...

Project Journal

  • Here is our European Quality Label! Thank you so much Dear Partners!!!


    - Posted by Natālija Karpenko, 26.11.2016

  • We have just received our European Quality Label for our project!!! Thank you all!


    - Posted by Rania Bekiri, 23.11.2016

  • Our winners!


    - Posted by Rania Bekiri, 15.07.2016

  • At the end of the project our final groups evaluation board was complete!! Now we have a winner!!!!! The Eagles ended up first followed by the Bears, Nightingales, Monkeys and Sharks!!! All the groups worked very hard (or rather played very well) and enjoyed the Missions!!! Congratulations to everyone!!!! Congratulations to all the groups!!! Congratulations to the Eagles!!!


    - Posted by Rania Bekiri, 15.07.2016

  • The last tasks of the project were the evaluation tasks. Each pupil evaluated the project commenting on their favourite tasks, they completed a survey and they added ideas for a new project in a padlet. Teachers also completed a Teachers' survey.


    - Posted by Rania Bekiri, 30.06.2016