Green Missions

In this project, the pupils form international groups and compete with one another playing games in relation to Nature. The aim is to make them more sensitive to their immediate environment as well as our planet’s problems. The games make the procedure funnier and more enjoyable. Their final goal is to win the games as well as to build models of ‘g...

Animal Mission

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Time to act and compete!

In your first mission, you will become explorers!!! You need to look for information about your chosen animal and find as much as possible about it!!! At the end of this WebQuest, the groups will be given points for their collaboration and for the results of their quest!!!

All the groups start exploring the life of their animal. Each group needs to add some slides on the presentation below. 

These slides should include:

1. Drawings of the animal, its description and its habitat.

2. Information about the food it eats and on its habits.

3. Information about its family and how long it lives.

4. A description of the dangers it faces.

5. Other important information.

So, each group needs to have 2 artists (who will draw or paint the animal and its habitat), a food specialist (who will describe the food the animal eats), 2 zoologists (who will describe how it lives, it hunts and its family), an ecologist (who will describe the dangers it faces) and a linguist (who will present the animal's body, food and habitat in English). 



0 - 6 points: Your team has created at least two eye-catching slides of our common presentation with all the required interesting information and drawings.  




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Let's see what the 4 partners do at their schools and cities to protect animals. That way we may all share good ideas and change our action plans. So let's upload pictures of our actions with short descriptions.



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Each group is writing a story with its animal as the main hero. Our 2 heroes are also part of the story! The members of each group write a paragraph in turns, using a different colour and mentioning their name (in brackets) after their part!

All the stories are illustrated. The pupils draw pictures for other parts of the story, not their own!

Then all the stories are made into an ebook! Raed it and enjoy our stories!


Now see how the pupils wrote the above stories!

The password for all the stories is the same: greenmissions

 The story of the Alligators! 

The story of the Eagles!

The story of the Monkeys!

The story of the Nightingales!

The story of the Bears!

The story of the Sharks!

The story of the Albatross!

The story of the Rhinos!

Author: Rania Bekiri
Last editor: Barbara Głuszcz