Green Missions

In this project, the pupils form international groups and compete with one another playing games in relation to Nature. The aim is to make them more sensitive to their immediate environment as well as our planet’s problems. The games make the procedure funnier and more enjoyable. Their final goal is to win the games as well as to build models of ‘g...

Our Heroes


In 'Green Missions' there are 2 heroes! One is good and cares about the environment! The other one doesn't care at all!


Our pupils made mascots for the 2 heroes and then there was a voting!

They watched the video with the good mascots who care about the environment!


Then they watched the video with the indifferent mascots who don't care about the environment! 



Our pupils also suggested and chose names for the 2 heroes! We used 2 AnswerGarden boards for that task! The names with the most votes were  Greennie and Muddler!



We start a Fakebook with the 2 heroes. Each partner adds one friend (who is one of the mascots that didn't win in the mascots' competition). Two partners add posts about Greenie and 2 partners add posts about Muddler! they also add posts about their own mascot! In this Fakebook, we show how the two heroes live, showing that good eating habits should be followed by exercising! So, we can show the pupils' activities as well! 

(the password is..   greenmissions)


Our 2 heroes started their long journey from their hometown to visit all the partner schools!




Author: Rania Bekiri
Last editor: Barbara Głuszcz