Green Missions

In this project, the pupils form international groups and compete with one another playing games in relation to Nature. The aim is to make them more sensitive to their immediate environment as well as our planet’s problems. The games make the procedure funnier and more enjoyable. Their final goal is to win the games as well as to build models of ‘g...

Project Tasks


  • Each partner introduces the project to the pupils and invites them to Twinspace.

  • Each partner makes a voicethread presentation with pictures from the school, pupils and city. Pupils record a presentation on each slide. Then the other partners ask questions on each slide which are answered by the presentation pupils.

  • Each partner makes the school timetable and uploads it on  . The other partners ask questions about the subjects and the daily school organisation. Deadline for all tasks: 11th October


Our Groups

  • We divide our pupils into 8 groups. 

  • The teachers/mentors of the groups begin a new FORUM for their group. Then they start a new THREAD where they encourage their members to communicate and exchange information about themselves and where later on during the project they can just discuss generally! Deadline for creation of groups and the Forums: 4th October.

  • The mentors ask their group members to choose a name for their group. They do that in the FORUM, where they'll add a new thread for this issue. There the group members will give ideas and the others will agree or disagree and offer new ideas until they all reach a decision. The name should begin with the initial of their mentor and it should be an animal in danger of extinction (for example, 'The Lions'). Deadline for the names 11th October.  

  • The partners add the pictures of their pupils in the folders (Materials), in the right group. Deadline: 11th October.

Our Heroes

  • All the pupils participate in a mascots competition. We need 2 heroes for our project. The first one is a mascot that is sensitive to the environment while the other one doesn't care at all! So the first mascot should be green while the other can be any other colour(s). When the mascots are made, we upload them in the folder MASCOTS with the name of the pupil(s) who made it and then we'll all vote for the best heroes. Deadline for the creation of the mascots: 18th October

  • On the same page (Our Heroes) we'll have to choose for the names of the 2 heroes. So, we'll have 2 boards and there the pupils will suggest names or vote for the name they like the most. Each pupil can vote twice for each mascot, but not more! Deadline: 18th October.

1st Mission: 'Animal Mission'

  • Each group creates a story in a titanpad called 'Through the Eyes of a (their animal)'. This animal speaks and describes its life together with our 2 heroes. In each titanpad, the Polish team writes the first paragraph (introduction of the hero), the Greek team writes the second paragraph (the heroes get into trouble based on the real dangers these animals face in real life - Muddler represents these dangers), the Welsh team writes the third paragraph (Greenie shows up and saves the heroes) and the Latvian team writes the last paragraph (end of the story). Each group uses a different colour and mention their names (in brackets). Deadline: end of December.

  • We make a folder for each story and each group draws pictures for another group's paragraph! So, the Latvian team draw for the first paragraph, the Polish team draw for the second paragraph, the Greek team draw for the third paragraph and the Welsh team draw for the last paragraph. At the end, all the stories will be made into one ebook. Deadline for the drawings: 20th January.

  • We organise a Web Quest. We start a Google Slides and the groups add information about their animals, based on the roles they have assumed at the beginning of the Web Quest. Each teacher announces the roles in the Forum and the pupils volunteer for them and then add information and pictures in the Forum or on the presentation itself. The roles are: artists, zoologist, ecologist, linguist and food specialsit. Deadline: 20th January


2nd Mission: 'Recycling Mission - Christmas'

  • All groups start recycling at their schools and each partner decides what to recycle. At the end of the mission, each group counts what they have recycled, what actions they have taken about it and the quantities they have recycled.

  • As it is Christmas time, pupils make Christmas decorations from recycled materials and uplaod them on the album 'Christmas decorations'.

  • We make a Google Slides presentation with information and pictures about the recycling mission. Deadline: end of December.


3rd Mission: 'Eco Logo Mission'

  • ​We have a logo competition. The pupils can draw a logo online or by hand. The logo must have the name of the project in it 'Green Missions'.

  • We upload all the logos in the album 'LOGOS'. Deadline: 25th January

  • We make a video with all the logos and the pupils vote for the best logo. Deadline: 3rd February


4th Mission: 'Healthy Lifestyle Mission'

  • We make 2 notepads, one for Greenie and one for Muddler. On these notepads we add what the 2 heroes eat. We can also add (our own) photos to show what they eat or just write short texts. The pupils explain if this is healthy or not! This is a way to show our countries' dishes as well!

  • We make a padlet where the pupils write what they have for breakfast together with photos of their dish (if they like). They also say if it is 'very healthy', 'healthy', 'rather unhealthy', 'very unhealthy'.  

  • We take a picture of our canteens/restaurants and upload it on thinglink. Then the other partners ask questions about what they see. It's a way to show our eating habits at school.

  • The pupils in their groups play the 'Freerice' game. They have special usernames and passwords and their scores are added up. They will be avaluated according to their final scores on the 26th March. 

  • We start a Fakebook with the 2 heroes. Each partner adds one friend (who is one of the mascots that didn't win in the mascots' competition). Two partners add posts about Greenie and 2 partners add posts about Muddler! They also add posts about their own mascot! In this Fakebook, we show how the two heroes live, showing that good eating habits should be followed by exercising! So, we can show the pupils' activities as well! This task will continue till the end of the project showing all schools' activities as well and incorporating the mascots' visits, too! The Fakebook is added in the page 'Our Heroes'.


5th Mission: 'The Travelling Mission'

  • Our heroes start travelling around the partners. Greenie leaves Latvia and spends February in Poland, March in Wales, April in Greece and returns to Latvia in May. Muddler leaves Poland and spends February in Latvia, March in Greece, April in Wales and returns to Poland in May. The heroes carry small tokens with them, such as sweets, postcards, messages etc from the previous partner to the next. When they arrive in a partner, the pupils take lots of pictures with them and upload them in a special album in the 'Materials'. 

  • There are 2 ebooks, 'Greennie's travel log' & 'Muddler's travel log' which are ebboks made with Storyjumper. Each partner adds pages to the log after the end of the visit with short texts and photos. We upload the revised logs on the page for the next partner to continue until the end of the trips and the logs!

6th Mission: 'The Energy Mission' 

  • We continue the Fakebook task with more information on Energy habits, good by Greennie and bad by Muddler.
  • We write a story on a titanpad added on the page on the topic 'A Day Without Electricity'. Patra's school writes the first paragraph which will be the morning and beginning of the day! Then Daugavpil's school writes about school time, Zambrow about the afternoon and Llangollen about the evening! We'll illustrate the story and make an ebook with it. Daugavpils will draw the first part, Patra the second, Llangollen the third and Zambrow the last part. All the texts and drawings will become an ebook with
  • The pupils of each school make word clouds with a jumbled message about Energy. This message/image is uploaded in the album and then a voicethread presentation is made with all the messages. The other partners try to find the scrabbled messages. The groups who find the message first from each school are awarded with points. The word clouds are saved in the album 'WORD CLOUDS'.


Earth Day

  • 'Earth Day' will be celebrated on 22nd April, so a competition is organised for that day with the groups competing against each other performing tasks about the environment. The tasks are in the form of QR Codes and the pupils in their groups walk around their schools trying to find the codes, scan them with their tablets and performing the tasks. The activity will be published on the special page 'Earth Day'.
  • All pupils make flags for different environmental issues drawing the 'flag' handout found here. Then we use the app which we download in a device and see our flags 'come to life'. We take pictures of them for 'Earth Day' and we use the drawings as flags of our groups on that day. This task is also uploaded on the page 'Earth Day'.


  • Pupils evaluate the project's activities throughout the year in a Google Doc. They give points from 1-4.

  • All groups have their own padlet where the members write their evaluation of the project and its tasks. They write what they liked the best and what they didn't like much.
  • The teachers answer a teachers' survey evaluating the project, the tasks, the tools, the procedure etc.
  • The pupils answer a pupils' survey evaluating the project, the tasks and the tools.
  • The pupils add posts in a padlet called 'Future Ideas' making suggestions about a future project.




Author: Rania Bekiri
Last editor: Natālija Karpenko