Green Missions

In this project, the pupils form international groups and compete with one another playing games in relation to Nature. The aim is to make them more sensitive to their immediate environment as well as our planet’s problems. The games make the procedure funnier and more enjoyable. Their final goal is to win the games as well as to build models of ‘g...

Energy Mission

Can you live without electricity? Our heroes woke up one day and the world was different! Let's read how our pupils imagined that day!!!!

The password is    greenmissions




After writing the story, the pupils read a different part from the one they wrote and drew pictures for it! Here is the whole story!




The groups made some slogans for the Environment and made Word Clouds with them. Then we put all the word clouds in a VoiceThread presentation and the groups tried to unscramble the sentences! The groups got points according to how fast they found the slogans!


Here is a song about 'Going Green'. Listen to it and choose the right answer! Write your score in the Forum!

Author: Rania Bekiri
Last editor: Natālija Karpenko