Collaboration: Final works

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    1. communication between partner schools calendars

    3. Songs

     Let's sing the song in the native language.

    Brother John – Collaborative Video

    Let's sing the same song

    Baby shark – Collaborative Video

    4. Dances

    'Sculpture Dance' Gniezno SP6 & Mustafa Ayşe Altun İlkokulu

     Let's dance the same dance

    Jailhouse Rock - Collaborative Video

    5. Drawing

    Gallery for autumn "artwork"

    Gallery for winter "artwork"


    Gallery for 'We are home too'

    Online drawing

    schools: Rudňany,Slovakia - Gniezno, Poland

    our jointly drawn pictures: theme: house and sea


    6. We are home too

    Collages created from all children's drawings

    Collage of flowers



    common collection of games for students

    click on the image



    collection of games.pdf