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The aims of the project are to encourage students to learn not only foreign and national languages, but also Science and Maths, ICT and help teachers improve their teaching methods. The children guided by a mascot, an Elf, will acquire perfect English and discover Europe together. The students will benefit from various engaging activities. They wi...

ELF Fun Zone


    Here you can find quizzes and games created by the ELF pupils to have fun while learning. Have a good time! 

1) Cartoons and abilities Matching Game (Turkey)

2) Quiz Kahoot   present simple and continuous   (Poland)

3) Quiz Kahoot about United Kingdom for 5th grade (Croatia) 

4) Pivot Stickfigure animation on the Means of Transport to 6th grade (Greece)

5) Christmas puzzle (Croatia) 

6) Earth Day Wordsearch (Croatia)

7) New year's resolutions click here (Czech Republic)

8) Describing wnat people do regularly Who wants to be millioner? (Turkey)

9) Quiz Kahoot: Prepositions by the Polish Club ELF

10) Flags- Countries Horse Race (Turkey)

11) Fruits Vegetables  (Turkey)

12) Kahoot Meteo quiz  (Italy)

13) Kahoot Quiz: "Happy Carnival" click here (Italian)

14) What animal is it? Click here (Greece)

15) Our favorite Game 6.A -? You know Your Friends (Czech Republic)

16) Members of the Family click here (Finland)

17) Verbs (Turkey)

18) Have has (Turkey)

19) Match words to pictures (Greece)

20) Present simple or present continuous? Click here (Italy)

21) Fun Facts about United Kingdom - Kahoot Quiz (Czech Republic)

22) Language functions  - Kahoot Quiz (Poland)

23) Guess the city click here (Italy)

24)Transportation (Turkey)

25)  Kahoot: In, At or For (Croatia)

26) Fun facts about Canada Kahoot (Czech Republic)

27) Geomorphological elements (Greece)

28) What's the flag of each country (Greece)

29) Common saying (Italy)

30) Greek dishes (Greece)

31) Compose the puzzle  click here  (Italy)

32) Fun facts about Ireland Kahoot (Czech Republic)

33) Places in town (Ania, Poland)

34) Transportation Kahoot (Turkey)

35) Weather in Istanbul Kahoot (Turkey)

36) Key Elf word (Italy)

37) Crosswords Elf (Italy)

38) Fun Facts about New Zealand Kahoot (Czech Republic)

39) Classroom Objects  Vocabulary Puzzle (Turkey)

40) Fun games (Turkey)

41) Jobs match games (Turkey)

42) Playgrounds words  (Turkey)

43)  My Day Quizizz click here (Turkey)

44) Can/ can't Fill in the graphs click here (Turkey)

45) Who wants to be a millionaire? (basic grammar) by Małgosia (Poland)

46) What to pack for a journey by Ela (Poland)

47) Regular or irregular verbs by Ela (Poland)

48) Word Puzzle by Zosia (Poland)

49) Fruit & vegetables (Matching Pairs) by Klaudia (Poland)

50) Irregular verbs by Ola (Poland)

51) Countries and their capital cities (Matching Pairs) by Ola (Poland)

52) Countries  by Jan (Poland)

53) Fun Facts about the USA Kahoot (Czech Republic)

54) THE CLOTHES https://quizlet.com/153647496/scatter  (Italy)

55) Everyday items (Matching Pairs) by Ela (Poland)

56) Country- Nationality matching pairs (Turkey)

57) Halloween- Crossword (Croatia)

58) School things- Match the pairs (Croatia)


60) Which Greek island is this? (Greece)

61) Endangered species in Greece (Greece)

62) Solar System click here (Turkey)

63) Fun facts about school - Quizizz (the Czech Republic)

64) School subjects (Greece)

65) Which sport?  (ITALY)

66) Family: Stuck in the Middle  (ITALY)

67) Endagered animals (Greece)

68) How well do you know geography? (Greece)

69) Olympic games (Greece)

70)New Year Bingo Game (Turkey)

71) Christmas pairs (Croatia)

72) Words Puzzle (Turkey)

73) Fun facts about Christmas Kahoot (Czech Republic)

74) Fun facts about Czech Republic Kahoot (Czech Republic)


76) CHRISTMAS WORDS learningapp (ITALY)


78) Interesting and fun facts about winter - Quizizz (the Czech Republic)

79) Clothes by Weronika (Poland)

80) Weather by Weronika (Poland)

81) Furniture & fittings by Weronika (Poland)

82) Family by Klaudia (Poland)

83) Irregular Verbs: Past Participle by Klaudia (Poland)

84) Millionaire for beginners by Małgorzata (Poland)

85) What is your job? (Greece)

86) School subjects (Greece)


88) English Jokes Meanings (Turkey)

89) Daily Routines- Hang man game (Turkey)

90) Places to Live- Word grid (Turkey)

91) Film Quiz by 5.A (the Czech Republic)



94) Fortunteller Wheel (Turkey)


96) Space Rider Online Game- Present simple verbs (Turkey)

97 ) Memory food  http://LearningApps.org/watch?v=p6sk2y0ok17 (Italy)

98) Grammar quiz by Tuesday ELF Club (the Czech Republic)

99) Healthy and unhealthy food (Greece)

100) Traffic signs (Greece)


102) Matching Game Daily routines (Turkey)

103) Horse racing (TURKEY)

104) English food (Greece)

105) What animals can do. (Greece)

106) Furniture, a word grid (Finland)

107) Vehicles, a matching game (Finland)

108) Match the pairs- at home (Finland)

109) Job, a word grid (Finland)

110) Fun Facts about Summer Kahoot (Czech Republic)

111) Nature word, a hangman (Finland)

112) Home (Finland)

113) a little Quiz (Finland)

114) Spring wordsearch (Croatia)

115) American/British crossword (Croatia)

116) Winter vocabulary (Croatia)

117) Christmas Quiz (Croatia)

118) Autumn words (Croatia)

119) Thanksgiving pairs (Croatia)

120) Idioms quiz (Croatia)

121) Earth Day wordsearch (Croatia)

122) Toys Hangman (Croatia)

123) Irregular Vrebs Millionaire (Croatia)

124) Capitals Hangman (Croatia)

125) A hang man game (Finland)

126) Verbs (Finland)

127) Music- quiz (Finland)

128) Rest hour games, a hang man (Finland)

129) I play, a matching game (Finland)

130) Weekdays, (Finland)

131) European flags (Finland)

132) Clothes (Finland)

133) Continents (Finland)

134) My dream job (Finland)

135) MEMORY numbers (ITALY)

136) Animals (Czech Republic)

137) Fun facts about spring (Czech Republic)

138) House game (Czech Republic)

139) Musical instruments game (Czech Republic)

140) Fun facts about sport Kahoot (Czech Republic)

Author: Barbara Głuszcz
Last editor: Barbara Głuszcz