English Learning Friends

The aims of the project are to encourage students to learn not only foreign and national languages, but also Science and Maths, ICT and help teachers improve their teaching methods. The children guided by a mascot, an Elf, will acquire perfect English and discover Europe together. The students will benefit from various engaging activities. They wi...

ELF Treasure Box


Here you can find different quizzes, games and other pedagogical materials created by the ELF teachers.


1. Monster game click here(Finland)

2. A worksheet "Me" click here. (Finland)

3. The Sun Game click here (Greece)

4. Present Simple click here (Croatia)

5. Letter from Ninna worksheet  click here (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

6. Present Simple Tense and fun page click here (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

7. Present Simple or Present Continuous worksheet click here (Czechia)

8. Present Simple & Present Continuous Kahoot quiz (Poland)

9. Halloween vocabulary game (Poland)

10. Halloween vocabulary quiz (Poland)

11. Find the pairs (Farm animals) click here  (Italy)

12. Colour game click here (Italy)

13. Solar System click here (Italy)

14. Clothes game click here (Italy)

15. Food (fruit) memory game click here (Italy)

15. Animals. Matching pairs.  (Poland)

16. How much do you know about animals? (Croatia)

17.Seasons Quizizz (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

18. Ways of cooking. Matching pairs (Greece)

19. Find the lost words in the Jingle Bells song click here (Italy)

20.Christmas  Kahoot (Poland)

21. Places and things in a city (Czech Republic)

22. Food and drink flashcards with two games (Czech Republic)

23. Animals and animal sounds matching game (Czech Republic)

24. What did you do on Christmas holiday Kahoot-survey for younger kids (Finland)https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/2b77f852-84f6-4f73-8177-90cb45514665

25. Quiz "The Weather" click here  (Italy)

26. Puzzle "The time" click here  (Italy)

27.(Turkey)prepositions quizizz

28. Puzzle "ELF-club members" click here (Finland)

29. Map orientation words practice and two games (Czech Republic) click here

30. Puzzle "Italian Logo" click here (Italy)

31. Classroom objects click here (Czech Republic)

32. ELF & jobs (Poland)

33. Be or Have (Poland)

34. My body (Greece)

35. 4th Grades worksheet(Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

36. Kahoot. Questions and answers - a grammar quiz. (Czech Republic)

37. Kahoot: Plural of nouns (Croatia)

38. Song quiz for Earth Day (Poland)

39. Past simple  (Italy)

40. Wordsearch Story  " FLAG" click here  (Italy)

41. Lucky and Zorba (Story) click here (Italy)

42. Jobs (A2, Czech Republic)

43. Puzzle Istanbul (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

44. Where is...? (Italy)

45. Our favourite sports (Czech Republic)

46) Let's Fight Grammar Monster (Poland)

47) Fun facts about the Czech Republic Kahoot (Czech Republic)

48) Daiting game   (ITALY)

49) Classroom (ITALY)

50) Weather Matching photos and words (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

51) Flag- Country Quizizz (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

52) Space- Earth Quizizz (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

53) classroom objects Kahoot (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)


55) Wh- QUESTION (Italy)

56) Fun facts - Australia  click here (Czech Republic)

57) Work - Vocabulary Challenge Kahoot (Poland)

58) Irregular verbs Quizizz (Poland)

59) Tenses: Present Simple & Continuous, Past Simple Quizizz (Poland)

60) Kahoot Quiz: Present Simple vs Continuous https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/df52ab7c-9b07-4dd8-a0ad-f4c0c66d0069 (Czech Republic)

61) Do you know our common BoomWriter Story? Quizizz (Poland)

62) Lesson plan: "Teaching about human values" (Greece)

63) Present perfect (based on a song) (Czech Republic)

64) Planets, Sun and distance Quizizz (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)


66) Finnish animals http://LearningApps.org/display?v=po9w9wvg516 (Finland)

67) Diamante poems for Christmas (Poland)

68) Christmas crossword (Croatia)

69) Like- dislke (Turkey)

70) Learn favourite Czech meals(Czech Republic)


72) Fruits and vegetables (Czech Republic)

73) Law Breakers (Poland)

74) Parts of an airplane (Greece)

75) Parts of the computer (Greece)



78) Geometric Shapes (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

79) Adjectives Kahoot (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

80) English Jokes (Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

81) Category Wheel (Poland)

82) Seeds, nuts, herbs and spices (Czech Republic)


84) Feeelings and emotions (Czech Republic)

85) Verbs (Finland)

86) Space Comics(Turkey,Deniz Tokatlıoğlu Mustafa Vasıf Karslıgil Primary)

87) English time  (Italy)

88) Are you more like Santa now or before? (personality quiz by Poland)

89) Irregular verbs 1 (Czech Republic)

90) Irregular verbs 2 (Czech Republic)

91) Irregular verbs 3 (Czech Republic)

92) Kahoot Quiz on Project Activities (Poland)


94) (Turkey)

95) Brain over brawn (Greece)

96) Odysseus vs the Cyclops (Greece)

97) 10 European flags Kahoot (Finland)

98) Food Kahoot (Finland)

99) Find pets in a crossword (Finland)

100) Lappeenranta Kahoot (Finland)

101) School subjects, a word grid (Finland)

102) Colours, Quizezz (Finland)

103) Quess the word, hangman (Finland)

104) Winter words, Quizlet (Finland)  

105) Greek revolution of 1821 (Greece)

106) Places of interest (Greece)

107) Verbs related to sports and their translations (Finland)

108) Match the pairs! Do you know these animals? (Finland)

109) Technology in our lives (Finland)

110)Choose the right tense (Greece)

111) Basic computer components (Greece)

112) Computer-Generations (Greece)

113) Bedroom vocabulary (Greece)

114) Animals and colours (Finland)

115) Personal pronouns (Greece)

116) Physical Appearances (Turkey)



118) Fishes game (Greece)

119) Find the Europian cities (Greece)

120) Kahoot quiz on the languages of the partnership (Poland) 

121) Fun facts about animals (Czech Republic)

122) Quiz on 'Eramus and the Butterfly' (Poland)

123) Present Simple (Croatia)

124) Possessive pronouns (Croatia)

125) The UK (Croatia)

126) London (Croatia)

127) Possessive adjective or pronoun (Croatia)

128) Present Simpla (Croatia)

129) Past Simple- Irregular verbs (Croatia)

130) What's on TV? (Croatia)

131) Country and Language (Croatia)

132) Numbers 1-20 (Croatia)

133) Match the pairs- classroom vocabulary- hard (Croatia)

134) Back to school- easy (Croatia)

135) Guess the country (Croatia)

136) Valentine's day (Croatia)




Author: Barbara Głuszcz
Last editor: Deniz Tokatlıoğlu