Celebration of Ecological Events of European and International Interest


The collaboration between project partners lets teachers and students to learn from each other, share the knowledge and experience, collect and develop miscellaneous material , establish a body of good practices We will teach students how to celebrate ecological events of European and world interest and where they can to popularize them, will learn how they can become members of the international nature protection networks These activities are a starting point for the future to try to transform their localities into the upcoming Green Capital of Europe The ecological events that will be celebrated: 1.EU Green Capital ; EU GreenWeek (May) 2.EU Natura 2000 Day (May 21) 3.World Environment Day ( June 5) 4.International Marine Environment Day ( Sept 25) 5.The Day of Biodiversity (May 22) 6.Earth Day ( April 22) 7.EU Day of Parks ( May 24) 8.World Day to Reduce Natural Disasters ( Oct 8) 9.The Forest Month (15 Mar - 15 Apr) 10.The World Day of the Carpathian Mountains( Sep 26)

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