• Dear partners,

    below there is a draft of our project plan. Please check and tell your ideas about the plan. As we will carry out our project collaboratively let's decide for our project stages together. You may make suggestions for the time or activities stated below.



    The project will start in September 2019 and end in May 2020. Each month we will do enjoyable and instructive activities related to the stated topic. In general terms the project activities will be as ;

    September: Introducing ourselves , sts, school, country, city
    Preparing e-corner
    October: Preparing logo, slogan, poster , mascot for our project
    Logo contest
    Research stage: Pollution and its types
    November: Global warming - solutions- precautions
    December: Saving energy - How to save energy?
    January: Recycle - What is recycle? What are recyclable materials?
    Preparing Christmas cards and sending each other
    February: Taking action
    doing experiment
    Organizing campaign
    March: Endangered species
    April: Doing activities such as; making trips , cycling for nature, planting
    May: e-books, evaluation, dissemination


    After discussing our plan we decided to switch topics of December and January. Because of coronavirus we changed April topic as planting at home.