School A gateway to life

“School – gateway to life “is an 18-months long cross-curricular project that grew out of an identified need to make our classrooms as dynamic as the world around us. Undoubtedly, the role of every good school is to get the best out of each student to grow and develop into a creative individual. The school's VISION supports that idea and reflects school as a laboratory of active learning. Vision can only be achieved if enthusiastic, professional teachers, who are ready for lifelong learning, run the school. As all schools in Croatia will implement "School for Life", a reform program supported by the Ministry of Science and Education, our teachers are striving to prepare themselves for facing challenges. As we see it, the point of the reform is not just to produce students who do well on tests, but also function literally and gain important "life skills“throughout their education. We believe that student learning and outcomes can improve dramatically if three factors come together: quality curriculum design, implementation capacity, and political alignment. The most crucial factor is highly effective teachers, and the best way to improve their performance is to provide high-quality training. It is very encouraging to see that, 15 teachers decided to enroll to this school project and take courses/job shadowing that will answer to the school's needs and become more empowered. Four primary subject teachers, extended after school program teacher, English language, Croatian language, physics, history, visual arts and technical education teachers as well as school’s principal, school psychologists and administrative staff have decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by high-quality training abroad.

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