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    Day one

    The AECCB was the host school for the first mobility of the Yes We Can: Above and Beyond Project which will run until December 13, receiving partners from the schools Schule am Bienwaldrind, Berlin and Medicinska skola Beograd, Belgrade. The AECCB has defined a work program filled with interactive and inclusive activities. Today, it was a reception day, at the Head Office, in the presence of the Director, Dr. Carlos Teixeira, the professors of the Department of Special Education, the psychologists of the Psychology and Orientation Service, the members of the Project Internationalization Team, the Coordinator of the EB2,3 Júlio Brandão and Deputy Nuno Costa. The Mayor, Dr. Paulo Cunha and the Councilor for Education, Dr. Leonel Rocha, received us in the Municipality. On this day of sharing about the individual and patrimonial identity of the schools and the respective cities, we also took a guided tour of the facilities of the Camilo Castelo Branco Secondary School and participated in classes. There was a warm welcome at the School Library, with the support of the School Library Team and a snack, with the participation of students from the catering course, which was followed by an excellent musical moment with the Kamilians. Lunch at the ESCCB cafeteria established a moment of conviviality, billing.

    Day two

    Earsmus + Yes We Can: Above and Beyond Project
    Informal learning in spaces and partner institutions of the AECCB guided this second day of the 1st mobility of the Yes We Can: Above and Beyond project, in V. N. de Famalicão. The world of the arts and the preservation of the environment through recycling were the dominant themes pertaining to the workshops and visits made, respectively, to the Educational Services of Parque da Devesa, the Labirinto das Artes d 'A Casa ao Lado and the Cupertino de Miranda Foundation.

    Day three

    In a busy day, formal learning emerged in the AECCB, in different ways. At EB 2.3 Julio Brandão, circus and visual arts provided the learning of local traditions, provided brilliantly by teachers Anabela Garcia and Cristina Azevedo and by teacher Rodolfo. At the Luís de Camões School Center, it was the turn of the 4th year students, teachers Fernanda Vilaça and Ana Paula Reis, to give an interactive lesson in History and Geography of Portugal that culminated in a trilligue and intergenerational communication. The little ones, students of Educadora Lurdes Melo, also "gave the air of their knowledge" with a charming Christmas song and postcard. When it was thought that the activities were finished, behold, unforeseen events arise and the program extended with "living together" at the weekly fair, where roasted chestnuts were eaten and umbrellas were purchased to cope with the coming rain.

    Day four

    Oporto Trip

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