Country flag

  • serbian flag

    The Serbian flag features horizontal stripes of equal thickness in the traditional Pan-Slavic tricolors: red (top), blue (middle), and white (bottom). These Pan-Slavic colors represent the revolutionary ideas of sovereignty. Red signifies the blood shed during the struggle for freedom, blue denotes the clear sky, and white signifies dazzling bright light. Serbia's coat of arms includes a principal shield and a smaller red shield, and is placed toward the hoist side of the flag. The main field of the coat of arms represents the Serbian state. It also displays a two-headed white eagle and fleur-de-lis next to each talon, which are considered historic dynastic symbols. The smaller red shield on the eagle represents the nation of Serbia and is divided into four equal quarters by a white cross, with a Cyrillic ‘C’ in each corner. A royal crown is featured above the head of the eagle, which was inspired by the crown of the stars of Serbia.

    germany flag

    The German flag is black-red-gold arranged in three stripes among themselves. 100 years ago politicians decided on these three colors. The history of the flag goes back to the time of the liberation wars. Just over 200 years ago, Germans - including many students - from all over Germany fought against the French ruler Napoleon. The soldiers came from all over Germany and had different uniforms. But because they wanted to look uniform, they dyed their clothes. The uniform black, the pieces of cloth on the sleeves and shoulders red and the buttons were gold. Every color had a meaning: black stood for the bad conditions in which people lived, red for the blood shed in battle, and gold for the freedom people wanted.

    People were also concerned about freedom and equal rights for all at an important meeting at the Hambach Castle in 1832. That's why many came with black, red and gold flags. Therefore, the first German flag got in 1848 these three colors. And even when Germany became a democracy for the first time 100 years ago, politicians opted for the Black-Red-Golden flag. Although there were also other German flags in between. But since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany, the colors black-red-gold are again valid.

    portugal flag