• SUPER HERO GIRL from Spanish school ORTEGA Y GASSET:

    Her name is STAR, she lives in a secret house under the ground, with a secret door and you need a secret core to enter.

    Her superpowers are become invisible, shooting jump, laser-vision. 

    SUPER HERO from Polish school Zespół Szkół Specjalnych nr 8, Tychy :

    His name is FLIP-JACK, he lives in a rainbow house with baloons.

    His superpowers are: flying, catching bad people in the net, releasing lasers out of his eyes and turn them into butteflies. He lifts heavy objects.

    He lose his power when he doesn't wear his belt and he is at home. Then he changes himself into a normal boy.

    He likes playing computer games and spending time with his dog Reksio.


    Her name is WILLOW, She is a 14 years old girl. She is short, only 1,24 metres; she’s got long black hair; her eyes are
    almond shaped; she’s got fair skin; her nose is thin and hooked; and her lips are thin and smiley.
    She is a joyful superhero girl, determined, naughty, brave, smart, funny and honest.
    She lives in the highest tower of Barcode City.
    She wears a black and yellow striped jumpsuit, making her looking like a bee.
    Her main enemy is Litter Man and her core weakness is injustice.
    Her powers are: super- high speed, super strength, flying, time travel and her superpower is generosity, as she is always sharing everything.


    SUPER HERO GIRL from Greek school  9th Primary School of Alexandroupoli:

    Her name is ENVIRON WOMAN, She lives in her big house in the forest. Her enemy is Super Litter Man. Her helper is Recycle Girl. Her boyfriend is Blue Adventure Man. She can grow big plants and has telepathic powers. She likes helping others and protecting the environment.

    SUPERHERO from Slovak school Základná škola,Hradná 22,Nové Zámky

    His name is LUCAS, he causes lighting, watches over, summones the army, he is invincible, he rescues people, he can fly, he is fast, he can be transformes, he converts bad people in stone.