Activities for the first year

  • Objectives of the project "Our Health is Our Wealth":                  

    • increasing competences in the use of information and communication technologies in teaching and learning;
    • raising competences in the field of foreign languages;
    • a better understanding of social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity;
    • a more positive approach to European projects and EU values;
    • raising awareness of the impact of healthy nutrition and physical activity on the quality of life,
    • expanding the horizons of students and teachers about dietary habits in other European countries
    • making students aware of the importance of the relationship between lifestyle and health (obesity, eating disorders) and comparison of the lifestyle of pupils from five different cultures (Polish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish and Lithuanian)
    • increase by 20% the number of students who regularly bring a healthy second breakfast and play sports in their free time
    • a better understanding of practices, policies and education systems in different countries;
    • greater motivation and satisfaction from everyday work.


    Tasks predicted for the first year of cooperation (2018/2019):

    1. Preparing a film / PPT about the school

    2. Preparing and analysing a survey on a healthy lifestyle and conducting it among teachers, students and their parents

    3. Preparation of the proposals’ of the project logo

    4. Preparation of the proposals’ of the project mascot

    5. Preparation of a leaflet promoting the project among the local community

    6. Writing a blog in the mother tongue about a healthy lifestyle

    7. Meeting with a nutritionist (nutrition pyramid) and a dentist (how to care for our teeth), a school nurse (counting our BMI)

    8. Preparing and sending Christmas cards to partner schools

    9. Preparation of recipes: salad, breakfast, dessert, cake, cocktail

    10. Preparation of a quiz concerning cultures of partner countries

    11. Photo competition (family dinner, joint physical activity)

    12. Workshops on the first aid

    13. Promotion of physical activity - trip to the swimming-pool, orienteering

    14. Founding of a class garden (herbs and spices)

    15. Preparing a video about old games

    16. Organization of the Health Day


    Meetings as part of the project implementation in the school year 2018/2019:

    I. Meeting for project coordinators in Poland - XI.2018.

    II. Meeting for teachers and students in Spain - III.2019.

    III. Meeting for teachers and students in Ireland - V.2019.